About Satchel’s Last Resort

Who was Satchel?

Satchel was our founder’s magnificent mahogany Irish Setter.

He was goofy and smart; the only dog she’d ever known who seemed able to actually weigh the consequences of his behavior.

He would look at her, look at whatever it was he desired, decide if he could get to it before she could get to him; determine if it was worth it, then the race was on! Satchel embraced all that came into his life with optimism and acceptance. She was one of only a handful of women traders on the Chicago Board of Trade when she got Satchel; he changed her life. He brought her back down to earth.

Her love for him forced her to live more responsibly. His unbridled enthusiasm for his daily routine was a huge life lesson for her. He showed her that no dog ever has a bad walk; She realized what a great way that is, for all of us, to go through life.


How We Got Started

crissy2When our founders were still living in Chicago, they found a stray Chesapeake Bay Retriever on the streets. It took them hours, and I mean hours to catch him.

They were both on the board of a local shelter at the time so took him there. The shelter wouldn’t take him due to his “bad” temperament.  The SPCA turned also turned us away; as did a national rescue out west. He was so wild no rescue would take him, so they took him home and loved him.

That was the beginning. It took some time but they were able to turn him around, to accept thier companionship and the companionship of other dogs as well. Originally he was called Grouchie, but as he progressed they felt perhaps that name was doing him a disservice so changed his name to Bouchy.

What they learned from the experience with Bouchy was there was a need for a “place” for dogs like him. And they wondered – if Bouchy could be turned around –could other dogs with the same issues?

They wanted to take unloved dogs and love them; to take throw away dogs and turn them into viable, productive members of society. Everything  done since then has just evolved from that first experience. They are especially proud of two dogs, originally strays, who are now helping people.

One is a service dog assisting a Polio victim in Bradenton. The other, Finn, is now a service dog for a man in Tampa who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.


Our Future Goals

  • To fence and light the seven acres behind the kennels at Satchel’s Last Resort so the dogs can spend more time running around outside.
  • To rebuild the kennels so that every dog has their own indoor and outdoor area.
  • To build two new cat rooms: one for HIV cats and one for cats with feline leukemia.
  • To obedience train our adoptable dogs and to help those who adopt them continue with that training.


Find out more about Satchel’s Last Resort by visiting their website at http://satchelslastresort.org.