Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship Levels

The Masters Champion
($5,250 tax deductible)
Event Title Sponsor
12 Golfers
The Green Jacket
($3,500 tax deductible)
Lunch & Dinner Sponsor
8 Golfers
The Ace
($2,250 tax deductible)
Featured Product Sponsor
4 Golfers
The Qualifier
($1,750 tax deductible)
Beverage Cart Sponsor
4 Golfers (Only 2 available)
The Links

($1,110 tax deductible)
Banner & Registration Table Sponsor
2 Golfers
The Leaderboard

($660 tax deductible)
Goody Bag Sponsor
4 Dinner Tickets

Hole Sponsorships, honoring some of Satchels dogs and cats, are available

(Meet the Hole Sponsorship dogs and cats here)

Your dog or cat can be a hole sponsor!

For the same amount, you can send a photo and make your pet a sponsor.

(Click on cartoon to go to hole sponsor registration)

*Sponsorship includes Banner and event day signage, recognition on event website, Satchels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and day of event slide show.

**Sponsorship includes event day signage and recognition on event website and day of event slide show. All Sponsors’ coupons, brochures, and business cards will be included in our doggy swag bags.